The husband and I got a call this morning from two of our best couple friends who are currently in the middle of a major bathroom remodel, asking if we were available to come help with hanging some drywall.  Of course, we jumped out of bed and headed over (as soon as I knocked out a run and the husband knocked out a shower)!  A quick 3 mile run for me, and we headed out to get good and dusty.  Drywall is some serious work, but we had a great time and I think having 4 hands involved made things go by super fast!

Today’s Workout: A quick 3 mile run!  My legs have been suuuuuuper sore recently, and I feel like I haven’t had a good run in a couple of weeks.  You know the kind I mean–that run where you just feel good, could keep going for miles, etc.  I’m hoping that a couple of lighter workouts this week will have me back ready for some longer runs next week.  I’m ready to have that “good run” feeling again, for sure.

Breakfast: I grabbed a new cereal at the grocery yesterday, so today I had to give it a shot!  Plus, after my run (even though it was short), I was hot and sweaty and in need of something light and cool.  Kashi Go Lean Crunch Berry hit the spot!  Breakfast was accompanied by half a banana to get my fruits and veggies quota in for the day.

Lunch:  My friend Felicia made us a wonderful lunch at her house during a drywall break.  We had Morningstar brand Chipotle Black Bean Burgers topped with some lite cheddar cheese from Trader Joe’s, accompanied by a mixed green salad (topped with some Newman’s Own lite Raspberry and Walnut dressing) and some chipotle-seasoned sweet potato fries.

Dinner:  Today was a friend-tastic day, and the husband had some guy friends come over to grill brats for dinner.  I wasn’t feel ing the whole grilling scene after the “burger” earlier in the day, so I helped myself to some leftover lentils/sausage/kale mix from last night, accompanied by a salad full o’ veggies, a crescent roll, and a few apple slices.  Dessert topped it all off with a couple of bites of red velvet cupcake!

Snacks:  Snacking was kept to something of a minimum today due to the majority of the day being spent in a dusty bathroom, but while I was making dinner I did grab a mini-reese’s cup to stave off the hunger and sugar cravings!

In other news, Daniel (otherwise known as the husband) has a job interview tomorrow, so any good vibes/happy thoughts/positive juju would be most welcome and appreciated!


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