For the love of Insanity

Yesterday was a lovely day off that ended up being so full of things to do that I didn’t even get to write.  The day began with a typical workout, but then there were errands and such going on nonstop!  We went to the store to get Daniel some new dress shoes (his were, quite literally, falling apart on his feet) because he had a job interview in the afternoon!  The interview was only expected to last about 30 minutes, so I dropped him off and found a place to sit in the car–but apparently the interview went well, because 30 minutes turned into 2 1/2 hours!  I ended up finding a coffee shop and grabbing a Diet Coke.  After the interview, we made a run to the bookstore to find reading materials for our upcoming vacation before finally heading home after 8:00pm for some much needed dinner.

Is it just me, or is it incredibly frustrating when you can’t find a book that really draws you in to reading it?  I LOVE to read and always have, but have just been in a funk lately trying to find some good new reading material.  Any suggestions? (I ended up going with The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton, because I’ve always said I’ll read it and never gotten to it.  But I plan on taking one of my “go to” reads as well just in case.) Now, on to the day’s fitness recap!

Workout (yesterday): Insanity Max Plyo!

I love, love, love the Insanity workouts from BeachBody.  They are what got me on the fitness bandwagon (or rather, back on it, since I used to be an athlete in high school and worked out 30+ hours a week back then) this past January.  They were recommended by a friend, and I ended up doing the whole 2 month schedule back in January and February and had great results.  I’ve never gotten into a workout video or plan before, but this really kept me motivated–the workouts are short enough to fit into my crazy schedule but really make you work!  I lost significant (for me) weight and really feel worlds healthier since I started doing them.  When I finished the schedule, I knew I couldn’t go back to my formerly sedentary lifestyle, but I also didn’t want to just do a repeat of the past 2 months (as varied as the workouts are, they can get a little stale after 2 straight months), so I  basically started mixing Insanity days into a schedule that also includes running and weightlifting.  They’re a great way to knock out a workout when I just don’t feel like going outside or to the gym.  The workouts are cardio heavy, interval based, and use only your bodyweight, so you can do them anywhere.  And they burn crazy calories–my 55 minute workout, based on average heart rate, burned approximately 400 calories!  I was a sweaty mess!

Breakfast: Yesterday’s breakfast was heavier on the protein because I knew I planned a carb-heavy dinner for the night.  I went with two scrambled egg whites, some vanilla greek yogurt, a Van’s lite waffle with some raspberry preserves, and half a banana.  As it turned out, breakfast was very white–so I decided that for lunch we’d add some color!

Lunch: A gigantor salad!  I combined baby spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, zucchini, corn, carrot, turkey, and chickpeas with some fat free italian dressing.  On the side I had half an apple with a Laughing Cow lite swiss wedge.  It was delicious, colorful, and veggie-fied!  Unfortunately it ended up not being the most filling thing ever, which made for a rough evening considering we didn’t have dinner until after 9!

Dinner: I’ve had a butternut squash hanging out in the fridge for almost a week and knew I needed to  use it, so I took a leaf from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers and made her recipe for Wheatberry Butternut Squash Mock Risotto.  We added chicken to the mix for some extra protein (and because my husband is a serious wimp when it comes to eating vegetarian meals) and had a crescent roll on the side.  It was seriously delicious and we will definitely keep this one in the books!  For dessert, I finished off the remaining half of a red velvet cupcake from the graduation party.  Alas, now all the cupcakes are gone (but thankfully, are no longer sitting around tempting me!).

Today started out with a lovely 6 mile run nice and early, because it’s going to be seriously hot around here the next couple of days!  Later today we are heading to visit my aunt and cousins for a Memorial Day Weekend cookout as well, but for now I need to get some yard work done before we all start melting.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


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