Holiday Weekend and Finding Balance

Phew!  Didn’t get much of a chance to update til now because so far, our holiday weekend has been a little toward the wild side.  After my run yesterday, I grabbed a quick snack-fast (it wasn’t really enough to be called breakfast, but can it really be a snack if it’s not between meals?) of a half a banana and a handful of walnuts just to refuel quickly, because I then had to get ready and do a bunch of things around the house.  We met my family for lunch at Subway and then had a road trip up to my cousin’s house (about 2 1/2 hours away) for a lovely Memorial Weekend barbecue!  The whole fam damily had a lovely time sitting out on the patio with grilled chicken, burgers, potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, and extensive other typical barbecue fare.  It was a lovely night!

Today has been just about as crazy, but our Sundays usually are.  The day started with a quick weights workout courtesy the Nike Training Club app, and then it was off to church with me!  After church I had to make a quick stop by Michael’s to get my sister a birthday present (scrapbooking stuff!) because at lunch we celebrated her upcoming 21st birthday.  After lunch, Daniel and I went out to Target to pick up loads of little items we needed for our upcoming overseas adventure before heading home to rest for just a bit prior to going to dinner at my grandparents’ house.  We’re finally home, and I’m hoping for a bit of a rest tomorrow so the long weekend actually feels like a long weekend!

The topic of our crazy Sundays brings up an interesting point that is always a bit sticky for me.  Sundays are the bane of my nutritional existence, because every week my family has lunch at my grandmother’s house (home-cooked by her) and then usually we also have dinner at my grandfather’s home.  Both meals tend to be very heavy, unhealthy, and inevitably followed by dessert.  It’s really hard to maintain my healthy eating habits when the only things offered are mashed potatoes, crescent rolls,  pizza, corn pudding, etc. and are always followed by a push for a huge piece of cake or pie!  I invariably go over my calorie goal for the day (often by a LOT) and end up feeling awful that night and into the next day.   Traditionally, Monday is my rest day for exercise, and I hate the fact that I end up eating a ridiculous amount of rich, unhealthy food the night before I “slack off” the exercise.  Also, I end up feeling like, because I splurge so large on Sundays, there is no room for little splurges throughout the week.  Does anyone else out there have experience with family or other situations that repeatedly interfere with your desire to eat healthily?  Any recommendations?  I try most days to fill my plate up with whatever vegetables are offered first and to only take small or half portions of desserts, but even that just feels like sooooo much food by the end.  Curious if anyone has had success combating this kind of problem.  Finding a good balance is so tricky!

And now, for the Food and Exercise Journal du jour:

Yesterday (5/26) Workout:  6 mile run!

Today (5/27) Workout:  45 minutes of weight lifting circuit courtesy Nike Training Club.  The exact workout I did was Adrenaline Hit, which is from the advanced section of “Get Lean.”

Yesterday’s Lunch:  Subway 6″ black forest ham on flatbread with provolone cheese, spinach, onion, and green pepper.  I had a bag of Snapz apple chips as my side.

Yesterday’s Dinner:  Started with a couple of slices of locally baked beer bread (sun-dried tomato and onion flavor–you may salivate now) as well as some carrots dipped in hummus prior to dinner.  Dinner itself consisted of a grilled chicken breast with lettuce and a slice of white cheese (not sure what kind exactly) dipped lightly in some Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce.  For sides, I had a little bit of baked beans, a little bit of this delicious green bean and potato salad, an ear of corn on the cob, and some strawberries.  Dessert was a small piece of Duncan Hines Indulgent Fudge brownie with more strawberries.  I also had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  And then I died of a food coma.

Today’s Breakfast:  After my weights workout, I knew I wasn’t going to last until lunch so I had a small bowl of oatmeal (I make it the quick way, by pouring skim milk over the oats and heating in the microwave.) with blueberries and walnuts.

Today’s Lunch:  My grandmother made a beef roast, and I had a small piece (I’m guessing 3 oz or so) accompanied by rice, peas, brown gravy, cooked carrots, and half a crescent roll.  Dessert was a half piece of my sister’s chocolate birthday cake (courtesy Duncan Hines once again) with homemade buttercream.

Today’s Dinner:  My grandpa cooked up some ribeye steaks that were served alongside a fruity salad (I love fruit in salads) with Good Season’s dressing, a teensy-tiny amount of au gratin potatoes, and a dinner roll.  Dessert was a sliver of devil’s food cake and a sliver of italian cream cake from our favorite local bakery, as we had to celebrate birthdays with that side of the family as well!  I tell you what, the chocolate cakes were both fabulous today, but the Italian Cream did them all in.  So, so, so good.

So as you can see, definitely not the healthiest of days today, and this is pretty typical of Sundays.  I find it really frustrating, not only that it’s so difficult to make good choices but that I honestly have almost no will power over these kinds of comfort foods when they’re sitting so openly in front of me.  At home, we don’t keep those kinds of foods around and I’m able to do much better.  Any thoughts on ways to increase the health factor of family days?


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