I’m Baaa-aaack!

So obviously I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus–my family took a 10 day trip overseas to England and France, and just got back last night!  The trip was amazing and I had such a great time…for one of the first times ever, I was NOT ready to come home at the end of a vacation.  Lovely all around.

The downside, of course, to being on such a wonderful trip is that it makes for 10 days of difficulty in the areas of working out and eating right.  Luckily, I took my computer with me so I had some workout videos and pinterest-inspired “do anywhere” workouts available to me, and I was actually able to have some kind of workout about half of the days we were gone.  As far as eating, I’d say I did pretty well about half the time.  I tried to choose food options with more veggies and less fried food as often as possible, but definitely indulged in some delicious pastry, scone, dessert, and bangers-and-mash style yumminess too.  On that front, it is definitely very nice to be back home where I can get back into my normal eating and exercising habits!

Speaking of, this morning was the perfect way to start things off.  I couldn’t sleep in (thanks, 5 hour time difference) so I hauled my butt outside bright and early into the beautiful weather and an awesome 3 mile run.  My legs felt so fresh, having not run in almost two weeks!  My lungs, on the other hand, were not used to the heavy cardio so I went ahead and kept things short for the day.  I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll feel a little more up for a long run.  After my run this morning, I did a short arm workout and some abs, including trying out a few new exercises from Jillian Michaels in this month’s Women’s Health magazine.  I picked it up in the airport on the way home, and I definitely liked a couple of the exercises, though I don’t think I’ll incorporate all of them into my routine.

Breakfast after my workout was a Van’s light waffle with natural peanut butter and chia seeds, along with a few frozen raspberries that I heated up.  Breakfast options were rather slim this morning due to a lack of any fresh produce/milk/perishables in the house since we used all those up prior to our trip!

While Daniel had a noon-time engagement, I ran to the store to stock us up fully on produce and other yummies, and then we made some MONSTER salads for lunch.  It felt so good to have a pile of fresh veggies in front of me again!  My salad involved spinach, carrot, red bell pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, artichoke heart, broccoli, yellow corn, chickpeas, and tuna with some fat free Italian dressing.  I ate it with half an apple, and I was a happy girl.

Tonight I’m hoping to actually snap a picture of dinner before consuming it, especially since it’s one of my favorite recipes ever–stuffed mexi sweet potatoes!


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