Finally some pictures!

Today my friend (we’ll call her “Flo”) and I travelled up to my old college town to do some visiting and, more importantly, to introduce her to some of my more favorite eateries up there.  It was a lovely trip, and we really enjoyed catching up since we haven’t seen each other since I left for our overseas trip.

Prior to leaving this morning, I had a 4 mile run that was surprisingly nicer than I expected.  I was a little sore from trying a new weight workout yesterday (courtesy this month’s Women’s Health magazine), but I think a little light run was the perfect thing to get some of that lactic acid worked out.  I also made sure to have a nice long stretch and did a (very) short ab workout to boot.


I was originally going to have oatmeal or something similar for breakfast this morning, but when I got back to the house from my run, cereal was calling my name.

Pardon the awesome lighting, taken on the fly with my phone camera.

I assembled some Kashi Go Lean!, almond milk, sliced strawberries, blueberries, and half a banana and had a scrambled/fried egg white on the side.  It was an amazing combo of flavors and I’m thinking will probably be a heavy feature in tomorrow’s breakfast too.  Yum!


For lunch, Flo and I stopped at the best pizza on the entire planet–Mother Bear’s Pizza in Bloomington, Indiana (Go Hoosiers!).  We split a medium deluxe pizza (pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, and onion) which was just as fabulous as I remembered.  Unfortunately, I wolfed it down before remembering to take a picture.


Flo and I were originally going to hang in Bloomington late enough to enjoy dinner at my most favorites restaurant in town, an Afghani place called Samira, but unfortunately we finished our campus and town tour a little early and were both still so full from our pizza lunch that we decided to call it a day and head back home.  Instead, I munched on a light dinner with a salad.


I topped a bed of baby spinach, tuscan kale (from our farmer’s market yesterday!), and cabbage with some leftover sautéed veggies (green beans, zucchini, mushroom, onion, and golden zucchini that I had sautéed yesterday in chicken broth and garlic with some spices), along with artichoke heart, red pepper, and some chickpeas for added protein.  On the side I had a small slice of cracked pepper and rosemary beer bread with a spread of Smart Balance.

If you have never tried beer bread, I highly recommend it.  We get some from a local baker occasionally and it is always moist, thick, doughy, and delicious.  Cut it thick and grill it on a griddle–you will not be disappointed!

Not pictured are the two slices of frozen banana and half a chocolate chip cookie I grabbed for dessert.

Tomorrow we’ll be kicking things off with a bright and early workout because my orientation for my new position starts at the lovely hour of 7:30.  Off to bed–5:00 is probably going to be more than a little painful!


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